Thompson, Gordon and Paula Gutlove (May 1994). Preventive Diplomacy and National Security: Incorporating Conflict Prevention and Conflict Resolution as Elements of U.S. National Security Policy: A Report Informed by a Workshop Held in the Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC, 18 March 1994. Washington, DC: Winston Foundation for World Peace and Cambridge, Massachusetts: Institute for Resource and Security Studies. (13 pages, 1 Appendix).

This report, informed by a workshop held in Washington in March 1994, briefly outlines a case for the fuller incorporation of preventive diplomacy into US national security planning and budgeting.   In so doing, it explores some opportunities for pursuing this objective, and proposes some near-term actions to promote the common security of individuals, ethnic groups and nations around the globe.   Preventive diplomacy is a relatively new and fluid concept that encompasses a variety of measures.   In this report, the focus is on measures for conflict prevention and conflict resolution. The report suggests a working definition of preventive diplomacy, discussing its present role and ways to promote it in the future. Thus the report seeks to address the question: How can the evolving discipline of preventive diplomacy be more fully incorporated into national security planning and budgeting?

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