Gutlove, Paula and foreword by Joseph V. Montville (November1999). Public Participation and Democracy Building in Slovakia. Washington, DC: Center for Strategic and International Studies.

This is a report on a program managed by Paula Gutlove through the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC. The Program on Public Participation and Democracy Building in Slovakia was designed as a catalyst for citizen leaders to mobilize their talent, intelligence, and experience to build a sense of shared community and an empowered civil society. It was executed over the period December 1995 through September 1999 in three Slovak cities: Banska Stiavnica; Lucenec; and Dunajska Streda. These three cities reflect a range of ethnic, political, geographic and socioeconomic characteristics. In each city, a Leadership Council was selected and granted a generous budget to spend on projects for their community. At the end of the program period, members of the Leadership Councils of the three sites were brought together to exchange experiences and build cooperative projects. This program has created a unique bridge, linking diverse areas and communities in Slovakia, on which to build future civic activities.

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