Gutlove, Paula (December 1999). The Medical Network: Training to Bridge Health and Peace: Report on a Meeting and Training Workshops, Toplice, Slovenia, 24-27 September 1999. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Institute for Resource and Security Studies. (10 pages).

This report describes a meeting and associated training workshops that were held in Toplice, Slovenia, in September 1999. The program was hosted by the Slovene Philanthropy in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The meeting and training workshops were organized by the Medical Network for Social Reconstruction in the former Yugoslavia, whose history and purpose are described in Section II. Section III provides an overview of the Toplice program, which served a dual purpose. First, the meeting was an organizational meeting of the Medical Network. Second, the training workshops were led by members of the Medical Network, and the workshop participants were also members of the Medical Network. All meeting participants participated as both trainers and/or participants in the training workshops. Section IV gives a summary of the training workshops. Section V provides an overview of the Network organizational meeting.

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