Gutlove, Paula and Claude Romer (May 2000). Meeting Report: Public Health, Violence and Human Security, Washington, DC, 13 March 2000. Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization, Violence and Injury Prevention and Cambridge, Massachusetts: Institute for Resource and Security Studies. (24 pages).

WHO has increasingly recognized the significant impact of violence on public health, and has developed science-based public health strategies and programs accordingly. Moreover, WHO has sought to examine the implications of violence in the broader context of human security. The organization’s goal is to develop, articulate and promote a conceptual framework for the improvement of public health through the prevention of violence and the enhancement of human security. As an initial step, WHO and IRSS convened this meeting. The discussion provided an opportunity for an exchange of views, from diverse perspectives, on the issues of public health, violence prevention and human security. This report provides a summary of the main themes of the discussion, together with recommendations regarding future actions.

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