Gutlove, Paula (June 2000). Application of the Peace through Health Approach in the North Caucasus: Report of an Inter-Agency Consultation, Moscow, 4-5 April 2000. Copenhagen, Denmark: World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe. (23 pages).

This report describes an informal, inter-agency “Peace through Health” consultation convened by WHO and IRSS on 4-5 April 2000. Hosted by the Russian Red Cross in Moscow, the consultation brought together representatives of a variety of organizations concerned with health-related humanitarian assistance in the North Caucasus. Participants explored how humanitarian assistance programs can provide health benefits to target populations while also facilitating and promoting peace building, social reconstruction and, in the longer term, the development of democratic, stable society. At the organizational level, the consultation was intended to help the relevant agencies to coordinate their activities and utilize the Peace through Health (PTH) approach in the North Caucasus. This approach utilizes a shared concern for public health as an opportunity to deliver health care while engaging in social reconstruction and community reconciliation programs.

This report includes an overview of related PTH initiatives by WHO and IRSS in the Balkans, relevant initiatives shared by the consultation participants, and twelve basic “PTH Principles for Action” that could usefully be applied to health-related humanitarian assistance in the North Caucasus. Participants agreed that an Inter-agency Task Force should be formed to follow up this consultation. The report includes a description of the primary functions of the proposed Task Force.

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