Gutlove, Paula (September 2000). The Medical Network as a Bridge to Health and Peace: Report on an International Conference and Training Workshops 4-7 May 2000, Gracanica, Bosnia. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Institute for Resource and Security Studies. (7 pages).

This report describes an international conference and associated training workshops held in Gracanica, Bosnia, in May 2000. The seminar and training workshops were organized by the Medical Network for Social Reconstruction in the Former Yugoslavia, whose history and purpose are described in Section II. Section III provides an overview of the Gracanica conference. The conference had four distinct but interrelated activities, which are described in Section IV. These four activities were: demonstration of existing grass roots programs; professional training; Medical Network program planning and organizational development; and international promotion of concepts of social reconstruction. Section V discusses the impact of the meeting, and Section VI provides some broad conclusions.

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