Gutlove, Paula (September 2001). Children and Youth in Post-War Situations: Report on an International Conference and Training Workshops, Neum, Bosnia, 15-18 June 2001. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Institute for Resource and Security Studies. (12 pages, 6 appendices).

This report gives an overview and highlights of a conference of the Medical Network for Social Reconstruction in the Former Yugoslavia (the Network). The report begins with a description of the Network, a community of health-care professionals from all parts of the former Yugoslavia working toward the reconciliation of existing conflicts and the prevention of further conflicts in the region through rebuilding structures for public health care and creating bridges for community reconstruction. A summary and evaluation of the conference follows. Appendices include: lists of participants in the conference and the contact group meeting; the conference program itinerary; the introduction to keynote speaker Svetlana Broz’s book Good People in a Time of Evil; an exercise in project development and proposal writing used in one of the training workshops; and responses to the conference evaluation form.

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