Thompson, Gordon (September 2001). Medical Network for Social Reconstruction in the Former Yugoslavia: A Survey of Participants’ Views on the Network’s Goals and Achievements. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Institute for Resource and Security Studies. (13 pages, 3 appendices).

This report surveys the views of selected participants in the activities of the Medical Network for Social Reconstruction in the Former Yugoslavia, regarding the Network’s goals and achievements in the past (especially 1997-2001) and its goals for the future (especially 2001-2003). Participants’ views were obtained through interviews conducted during an international conference held by the Network at Neum, Bosnia, during the period 15-18 June 2001, on the theme “Children and Youth in Post-War Situations”.   The information provided by this survey can help to guide the future development of the Network.   Specifically, it will help participants to learn from the experience of the Network, and to incorporate that learning into the planning of future Network activities.   The Major conclusions find a is strong consensus about many of the Network’s goals, but there are also differences of opinion that should be discussed.   In addition, the Network’s future structure is a high-priority issue for discussion and it would benefit from the routine use of structured learning.

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