Gutlove, Paula (April 2002). Cairo Consultation on Health and Human Security. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Institute for Resource and Security Studies. (11 pages, 3 appendices).

This report summarizes a landmark consultation organized by WHO to address issues of health and human security that took place in Cairo, 15-17 April 2002. This consultation was the first interagency forum to address the connection between health and a concept that is receiving increasing attention — human security.   The consultation provided a working model of the multidisciplinary, comprehensive nature of the human security approach. The three-day meeting brought together 50 participants, including representatives from a range of UN agencies, from states in the Eastern Mediterranean region, and from other regions including Western Europe and North America.  

The consultation was organized into four phases to pursue the following objectives:   First, it provided a foundation for understanding the concept of human security.   Second, it explored the relationship between health and human security.   Third, it examined health and human security concerns in the region. Fourth, participants worked together to develop recommendations for action, utilizing a health and human security approach, in the region and elsewhere.   These recommendations were discussed and some were endorsed.   The report is divided into sections reflecting the four phases of the consultation.

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