Thompson, Gordon and Paula Gutlove (April 2002). Health and Human Security: A Technical Background Document for Discussions on Policies and Programs.

Cambridge, Massachusetts: Institute for Resource and Security Studies. (28 pages).In this technical background document, the authors summarize some of the main strands of thinking about human security, and suggest a framework for the practical application of the concept in the context of health care. The concept of human security is being widely discussed in international humanitarian and diplomatic circles, and health is recognized as an important domain of human security. A human security perspective can add value to pre-existing health strategies and programs, by mobilizing new resources and partnerships and by linking health programs with programs that address related objectives. Application of the human security perspective to health programs and related programs could occur at a global, regional or national scale. At each of these scales, a conceptual framework is needed to guide the planning and implementation of health and human security initiatives. An appropriate framework for regional initiatives could have four distinct but mutually supporting program elements: (1) policy and strategy, (2) country-level program opportunities, (3) research, training and technical collaboration, and (4) outreach and promotion.

Preparation of this document was partly supported by the World Health Organization (WHO), in connection with a WHO Consultation on Health and Human Security held in Cairo in April 2002.


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