Gutlove, Paula (26 April 2002). Consultation on Health and Human Security: Summary Report on the Consultation.Cambridge, Massachusetts: Institute for Resource and Security Studies. (21 pages). This report describes a landmark consultation on issues of health and human security, which took place in Cairo, 15-17 April 2002.

The consultation was co-sponsored by three UN agencies, WHO, UNFPA, and UNAIDS, and was organized by WHO. The consultation was the third of three meetings on health and human security. The importance of holding the consultation in the Eastern Mediterranean region was underscored by the numerous and serious threats to both health and human security that exist in the region. Health was acknowledged by all participants to be a cornerstone of social, economic, and political well being.

The consultation was organized in four phases. First, it provided a foundation for understanding the concept of human security. Second, it explored the relationship between health and human security. Third, it examined health and human security concerns in the region. Fourth, participants worked together to develop recommendations for action, utilizing a health and human security approach, in the region and elsewhere. These recommendations were discussed and some were endorsed. The report addresses each of these areas. In addition, a consultation programme and a list of consultation participants are provided in the appendices.

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