Thompson, Gordon and Paula Gutlove (September 2002). Health, Human Security, and Social Justice. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Institute for Resource and Security Studies. (26 pages).

This paper begins with a general discussion of human security, a social justice organizing principle that places the welfare of people at the core of programmes and policies. The paper then focuses on the role of health and social justice as major, mutually-reinforcing pillars of human security.   Health can be a unifying dimension for human security because it provides a context within which to build an array of partnerships and a unique opportunity for deeper understanding and implementation of human security.   Health-related programmes can provide an important neutral platform to address fundamental obstacles to peace because health is universally valued.   They can be a model for collaborative action and can create the sustainable community infrastructure that is essential for social justice and human security.  The potential benefits of pursuing health and social justice within a human-security framework are illustrated by experience with two practical endeavours in the Balkans and in the North Caucasus.   Finally, the paper outlines a strategy for capturing such benefits on a global scale.

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