San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace, with assistance from IRSS (April 2003 ). A Call for Action to Protect the Nation Against Enemy Attack on Nuclear Power Plants and Spent Fuel. Pismo Beach, CA: San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace. (4 pages).

This document, prepared for the San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace in their efforts to protect the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant, is a call for citizens across the US to inform themselves about the increasing risk of attack on nuclear power plants and their irradiated (spent) fuel.  The Call for Action was supplemented by a more detailed Supporting Document produced by IRSS.

The Call for Action includes three important tables.   The first describes four measures to protect nuclear facilities against enemy attack:   Site Security, Facility Robustness, Damage Control, and Offsite Emergency Response. The second sets out an Action Agenda for Citizens, Local and State Governments, Congress, the Executive Branch and the Nuclear Industry, respectively.   The third outlines three specific Policy Initiatives that would be key components of the Action Agenda.

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