9 September 2013 David Lowry and Gordon Thompson propose a way out of the Syrian chemical weapon crisis

David Lowry is a UK-based IRSS senior research fellow.  Gordon Thompson is executive director of IRSS.  On 9 September, Asia Times Online publishes their opinion essay, “Diplomacy offers route out of chemical crisis”.  The essay proposes, as an alternative to US air strikes, that diplomacy be used to remove chemical weapons from Syria.  The essay further suggests that this diplomatic step could enhance prospects for controlling nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons across the mid-East region.  Also on 9 September, the Russian government proposes that Syrian chemical weapons be placed under international control.  The Syrian government immediately agrees, and begins the process of acceding to the Chemical Weapons Convention.  The Lowry/Thompson essay can be obtained at: http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Middle_East/MID-02-090913.html


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