Thompson, Gordon (October 2002). Status and Prospects of Sustainable Engineering Education in Some American Universities. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Institute for Resource and Security Studies. (8 pages).

This paper was presented at the Conference, “Engineering Education in Sustainable Development”, held at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, during the period 24-25 October 2002.   It reviews US standards and proclamations related to sustainable engineering education of undergraduates, and the practice of such education in three US universities: Boston University; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Tufts University.   A major purpose of the paper is to contribute to the development of generally-accepted criteria and methodologies that could, ultimately, be used to assess sustainable engineering programs at universities in the United States and elsewhere.

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Rosalie Anders (August 1991). The Sustainable Cities Movement. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Institute for Resource and Security Studies. (22 pages, 1 appendix).

This working paper describes methods for sustainable city projects–municipal environmental efforts justified as responses to global environmental problems—which have sprung up in cities throughout the world.   Although they often use a definition of sustainability whereby people satisfy their needs without further destroying the environment, few projects address the far-reaching consequences this idea would have if it were seriously pursued.   Nonetheless, existing sustainable city projects may have far-reaching effects.  

This paper describes some of these effects, including ways they have helped make the environment a legitimate concern for cities, and how they have made the idea that people should change their behavior, at least a little, to help save the planet socially acceptable in many communities.   They have also, in some cities, increased citizen participation in government decision-making.    In addition, the paper lists a variety of specific citizen initiatives, city projects, new communities and other efforts that fit this profile.   A partial list of relevant organizations and contact people can be found at the end of the document.

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