Thompson, Gordon (May 2003). Supporting Document for A Call for Action to Protect the Nation against Enemy Attack on Nuclear Power Plants and Spent Fuel. Pismo Beach, CA: San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace. (33 pages).

This report provides supporting information to a Call for Action that was prepared for the San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace in their efforts to protect the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant.   The report details information about the increasing risk of attack on nuclear power plants and their irradiated (spent) fuel, and the challenge it poses to our social institutions.   In addition to basic information about nuclear plants, spent fuel storage, and NRC regulations, the document discusses the vulnerabilities of these facilities and suggests measures for protecting them.   Finally, the report lists government efforts to obtain protection and policy initiatives that are still needed, concluding with a call for an independent technical capability to correct for bias in security assessments.

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